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Want to be able to Dyens' Tango? Maybe it is Villa-Lobos? Or do you just want to play more advanced music? If so, you are in the right place. CGRocks is dedicated to making it easier for you to play the pieces you really want too. Using a unique micro studies system that is guaranteed to get you performing the music you have always dreamed of playing.

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Learn the music faster, and retain it longer using micro studies

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The only place on the internet where you can learn all of Villa-Lobos' 12 etudes and 5 Preludes. Each Course ties in, highlights what you need to get these under your fingers.

Our Most Popular Courses

Below are the three most popular courses here at CGRocks. Check out the freebies if you are unsure.

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Learn Villa-Lobos’ Etude 6

This course will get you up and running with Villa-Lobos' amazing Etude No. 6. In it you will learn how to play the chords; RH patterns & planting; and the guide fingers that will help you get this etude under your fingers. This etude is the entry into the rest of the 12 studies. In this course you will not only learn how to play it, but also the language and devices Villa-Lobos uses in his music.

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CGRocks is dedicated to improving your ability by providing quality classical guitar courses and lessons which are contemporary, concise and clear. Anytime, anywhere and all free. Just 6 string enlightenment

What Our Students Have to Say

I've tried to play this piece for years now to no avail....I don't know what Rhayn did that it looks so easy and clear now.
Abraham T
From Belgium
First of all, hats off to your site! The content is full of resources and particularly like the approach of micro-studies and breaking down the pieces.
From Europe
Thank you verey much, the videos are helping me through the piece
Frank J
From Japan
Best lesson I've ever had in 15 years of playing guitar - well done.
From UK